Virtual Freshers Fair - Oxford

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The Virtual Freshers Fair

Freshers' fairs have been the best opportunity to get a brand in front of students. We're helping businesses across Oxford show students their great quality products and services in order to generate a new wave of loyal customers.

We’re not only providing the framework of a freshers fair for a fraction of the usual cost but you can also leverage our technology to ensure you maximise the impact of your gifts! We ensure that any students claiming a freebie will post an Instagram story giving you great authentic brand awareness (our users have 800+ followers on average).

We recently partnered with That Oxford Girl so you'll also get exposure to an Oxford following of 31.5k+ by being a part of our freshers fair.

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COVID-19 has had a large impact on the promotions we can provide but we are working hard to provide people with unique opportunities to benefit from their social media. Click the button below to checkout our range of exclusive lockdown discounts:

We've also helped set up and run, which is a voluntary initiative to help community shops fight back with a cash boost!

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